When choosing to buy plastic floor, in addition to quality factors and cost, warranty conditions are also interested in every customer. Our company would like to answer customers’ questions related to warranty policy as follows.

1: Plastic floor is covered in the following cases:

– The product is defective, damaged, unusually used due to manufacturing fault (technical error, specifications, designs are inconsistent … etc).

– Product is still in warranty.

– Customers keep invoices, coupons, warranty of the company.

– Products, works are faulty by the construction and installation staff does not comply with the technical process.

– Invoices, vouchers, warranty must be intact, no patchwork, stamping, repair.

2: Plastic floors are not covered under the following conditions:

– Violation of one of the conditions of warranty specified in Section 1.

– Product defects, wear and tear during normal use (shrinkage due to natural characteristics or changes in weather … etc).

– Using non-standard plastic floor, not suitable for the purpose was recommended.

– The product is damaged by the user or by objective causes (the floor is scratched by travel, dragging objects, floor surface is flushed due to use or wet mop cleaning is not correct. the recommended standard … etc).

– Due to force majeure events such as natural disasters, fire or external forces.

– Customers relocate voluntarily, disassemble products.

3: Warranty Period:

– Product warranty: From the date of signing the handover minutes.

4: Warranty Period:

For Aimaru glued plastic flooring:

– Product warranty: All products are warranted for 05 years.

For galvanized floor:

– Product warranty: All products are warranted for 05 years.

5: Customer note:

– End of warranty period or faults that arise due to customer’s fault, the company will be responsible for maintenance maintenance or repair, repair for you with the most favorable price.